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(known as CII), as a local registered general insurance company according to the law of Indonesia, deals with non-life insurance and reinsurance business. Paid-up capital is 25 billion Rupiah. The shareholders are The People's Insurance Company of China with share of 55%, in the name of its whollyowned China Insurance Company Limited, and PT.Manunggal Group as the other shareholder, with shareholding of 45%. The headquarter of PT. China Insurance Indonesia is located in Jakarta. CII has offices in Medan, Surabaya,Bandung,Semarang and downtown of Jakarta. Following its business developing. CII will continue to open its offices in the other cities/areas of domestic and abroad. At present, the insurance business transacted by CII covers enterprises and household property, marine hull, marine cargo, construction and erection, motor vehicles and general accident etc

.In the May Riot of 1998, some clients of CII sustained vast damages and economic losses which CII timely compensated to the clients in order to restore their production as well as to arrange their life.

CII strictly manages in accordance with the law of insurance and the concerned laws of Indonesia. In its technique and management, CII is supported by the People's Insurance Company of China and the member companies of its group. Since its operation, CII has been maintaining in the status of financial soundness and rapidly developing tendency in its business.

At the same time, it has earned the support and trust of the local and offshore insurance market.Its good co-operation relationship has been established with the fellows in insurance fields, such as coinsurance and reinsurance business intercourse and relationship of technical co-operation with many companies. It has co-operated in business with almost of all the main brokers and large numbers on insurance agents. More and more insured choose to insure in PT. China Insurance Indonesia, as its sound reputation has set up in the insurance market        



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